Intel Processor N100 and N200 Are Most Likely The First Non-Pentium CPU Families

Intel confirmed the discontinuation of its renowned Pentium and Celeron branding earlier this week in favor of the simplified but equally more ambiguous “Intel Processor” series.

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There has been a leak of the first “next-gen” mobile CPUs depending on this new naming approach. The following names were reported in bootlogs, including unreleased Alder Lake-N CPUs that Coelacanth’s Dream discovered:

N100 Intel(R)
N200 Intel(R)

This duo is a component of the new, low-power alternative to the Pentium and Celeron. There’s a high possibility that Intel’s next processor families, the N100 and N200, will be their new product names. This suggests that we may see SKUs like the N110, N150, N250, etc., but it also raises the question of how we would distinguish between generations. That seems to be difficult to respond to at this point.

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It should be noted that the Alder Lake-N CPU family is low-power, having just 8 Efficient cores and no Performance cores. To accommodate ultra-thin laptop and tablet designs, these components should maintain operation within a default power envelope ranging from 9 to 15 watts. Coelacanth’s speculates that the N100 and N200 might each have four cores and four threads, Gen12 GT1 graphics, and 32 execution units.

Intel’s new naming scheme will be used in the 2023 laptop range, signifying that the N100/N200 Alder Lake-N will be available alongside the powerful 13th Gen Core gaming series.

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Via Coelacanth’s Dream