AMD Ryzen 9 9900X Leaked Benchmarks Show Impressive 5.65 GHz Clock Speed, Outscores Intel in Geekbench

The new AMD Ryzen 9 9900X processor has appeared in leaked benchmarks, showing unprecedented performance with clock speeds of up to 5.65 GHz and significantly outperforming Intel in Geekbench tests.

Short Summary:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 9900X achieves a single-core score of 3401 and multi-core score of 19756 in Geekbench 6.2.1.
  • The new processor showcases a 16% improvement in single-core performance compared to the Ryzen 9 7900X.
  • The Ryzen 9 9900X operates with a 120W TDP, significantly lower than the 170W TDP of its predecessor.

Tech enthusiasts have much to cheer about as the upcoming AMD Ryzen 9 9900X processor makes a splash in the latest leaked benchmarks. This new 12-core, 24-thread CPU based on the advanced Zen 5 architecture has been spotted on the Geekbench database, where it demonstrated an impressive performance edge over its predecessors and competitor Intel.

AMD Ryzen 9000

The Ryzen 9 9900X’s Geekbench 6.2.1 results revealed a single-core score of 3401 and a multi-core score of 19756. These figures are notably higher compared to the previous generation Ryzen 7900X, which posted scores of 2925 and 17849 respectively. “This represents a significant performance jump of 16.3% in single-core and 10.7% in multi-core performance,” commented Mark Campbell from OC3D.

The benchmark was carried out on an ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR X670E GENE motherboard, showcasing the processor’s ability to maintain an average frequency of 5654 MHz and peak at a staggering 5664 MHz. The Ryzen 9 9900X is equipped with a base clock speed of 4.4 GHz and can boost up to 5.6 GHz, all the while maintaining a 120W TDP, which is considerably lower than its predecessor’s 170W TDP.

ryzen9 9900x benchmarks

Cross-referencing the benchmark results, the AMD Ryzen 9 9900X outperformed Intel’s latest offerings as well. Specifically, the new Ryzen beat the Intel Core i9-14900KS, which scores around 3250 in single-core tests. This highlights AMD’s competitive edge in single-core performance, which is a critical factor for various applications, from gaming to professional software.

The Ryzen 9 9900X’s outperformance also extends to multi-core capabilities. Though the new 12-core chip fell slightly short of Intel’s Core i9-14900K in multi-core tests (the i9-14900K scoring around 20,500 points), it still represented a solid uplift compared to its own previous generation chips.

The upcoming Ryzen 9000 series, also known as “Granite Ridge,” is anticipated to hit retail shelves later this month. The series includes other processors built on the Zen 5 architecture, all boasting increased efficiency and performance.

This efficiency leap is not limited to desktops. AMD’s precision engineering with the Zen 5 architecture is likely to benefit laptop and mobile PC users significantly. With lower power draws, users can expect enhanced battery life and less thermal output, making these CPUs suitable for a wide array of computing environments.

Looking forward, PC builders and tech enthusiasts will likely appreciate the reduced need for ultra-high-end cooling solutions, a benefit of the Ryzen 9 9900X’s efficient power management. This makes the new Ryzen not just a performance beast but a practical component for custom builds.

With the launch just around the corner, it’s clearly an exciting time for the PC hardware community. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and in-depth reviews as we continue to track these groundbreaking developments in the world of PC hardware and tech.

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