This Foldable Keyboard Features A Built-in Trackpad; Houses AMD Ryzen 7 8840U Inside!

The Ling Long foldable keyboard is an interesting device that integrates a mini-PC within a keyboard’s frame. On one side, it features a battery, and on the other side, it includes a complete motherboard with an APU, memory, storage, and cooling system. When folded, it is compact enough to fit into a back pocket.

IMG 2436

The Ling Long keyboard runs on the widely used AMD Ryzen 7 8840U, an eight-core Zen 4 processor with Radeon 780M graphics. This provides it with specifications similar to the ROG Ally X and enables it to function in 30W mode while efficiently managing heat, ensuring the side housing the motherboard stays below 42°C.

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This keyboard-turned-PC comes with all the necessary ports: USB4, USB 3.1 Type-A, and USB 3.1, along with WiFi 6 capability. Its 60Wh battery offers up to 10 hours for office tasks, 6 hours for entertainment, or 4 hours for gaming. It includes a 100W GaN charger that can also charge other devices. Users can select between 16GB and 32GB DDR5 memory and either 512GB or 1TB storage options.

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This device caters to a niche market, especially office workers who usually transport laptops between home and the office. Instead of a laptop, they can opt for this compact keyboard, which measures just 150x100mm and weighs 800g. It also features a built-in battery for emergency power when needed.

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Via Tom’s Hardware

Images: LingLong