AMD Ryzen “Granite Ridge” Zen 5 Desktop CPUs Featuring 6 And 8 Cores Spotted

After the recent leak unveiling the mobile processors Strix Point and Fire Range, both built on Zen5 architecture, another leaker and data-miner, @momomo_us, has shared fresh shipping manifests affirming AMD’s forthcoming desktop series.

The leak is quite clear-cut, especially since one of the manifests explicitly mentions the Granite Ridge CPU. Additionally, there are two new AMD OPN (Product Codes) and confirmation that 6-core and 8-core variants are currently under evaluation. Furthermore, it appears that the upcoming AM5 CPUs will have either a 105W or 170W TDP. Moreover, AMD appears to be employing two silicon steppings, either A0 or B0, for the respective models.

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While AMD hasn’t officially announced the precise launch date for its upcoming desktop series, there’s a strong possibility that we’ll receive more information about the series at Computex 2024, with products potentially hitting the market in either Q3 or Q4. Consequently, the next-generation desktop series could be released approximately two years after the 7000 series.


Regarding configurations, anticipate up to 16 Zen5 cores with TDPs reaching up to 170W. Unlike the APUs, which boast powerful RDNA3 or RDNA3.5 graphics alongside XDNA processors, Granite Ridge is projected to utilize the same I/O die as Raphael, based on Zen4 architecture. This suggests limited RDNA2 graphics functionality, primarily serving as a display controller rather than capable gaming hardware.


The upcoming series will be compatible with all current AM5 motherboards, but speculation indicates that AMD might be gearing up to introduce a new range of 700-series boards. Apart from accommodating faster DDR5 memory, anticipate wider adoption of the WiFi-7 standard.

Via Videocardz