AMD to Shell Out $12.1 Million to Settle “Bulldozer” Core Count Class-Action Lawsuit

AMD has reached a settlement in the Class Action Lawsuit filed against them over alleged false-marketing of the core counts of its 8-core FX Series processors based on the “Bulldozer” microarchitecture. This lawsuit dates all the way back to 2015, when Tony Dickey accused AMD of false-marketing its FX Series “Bulldozer” processors of having 8 CPU cores. Over the following years the case gained traction as a Class Action case was built against AMD this January.

bulldozer 8core

A 12-member Jury was set up to examine the case with lawyers representing the Class as well as AMD. They argued over the underlying technology that makes “Bulldozer” a multi-core processor, and decided on what a fair settlement would be for the class. The number that they agreed on was $12.1 million or $35 per chip sold by AMD.

The “Class” for this lawsuit includes U.S. consumers who became interested to be part of the Class Action, and who bought an 8-core processor based on the “Bulldozer” microarchitecture. It excludes consumers of every other “Bulldozer” derivative (4-core, 6-core parts, APUs; and follow-ups to “Bulldozer” such as “Piledriver,” “Excavator,” etc.).

Via The Register

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