AMD Unveils 4th Gen EPYC Processor With 3X Performance As Compared To Rivals

Today, Advanced Micro Devices CEO Lisa Su unveiled the company’s 4th Generation EPYC CPUs. The new generation of Zen 4 architecture-based CPUs was launched by AMD, giving it an advantage over competitors like Intel. She claims that Fourth Gen Epyc, with up to 96 cores, outperforms the competition. According to Su, the CPUs are unrivaled regarding data center performance and efficiency. AMD started making Epyc processors in 2017 when its well-designed Zen 1 core gave it a much better chance of competing with Intel’s processors, which were the most popular at the time.

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The Zen-based consumer and server CPUs took root in the industry, propelling AMD to a significant reversal with years of market share gains versus Intel. According to Mark Papermaster, CTO, Zen revolutionized the market in 2017 by simultaneously bringing energy efficiency and performance benefits. It added that Zen 4 is coming now, and Zen 4c, designed to save energy, is coming in early 2023. AMD’s Milan iteration of Epyc had a 40% performance edge over Intel’s Icelake by 2021, and AMD is currently on its fourth edition of its Epyc CPU family, which begins today.

“I’m very proud to say fourth Gen Epyc delivers leadership on every single dimension,” Su said.
AMD is undergoing a renaissance by introducing new Ryzen and RDNA 3 processors. And now, for the first time since 2021, it is renewing the Epyc product range.

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“Over the last five years, we have consistently delivered three generations of Epyc,” Su said. “Every major cloud provider has deployed Epyc.”There are over 600 Epyc cloud instances available. Epyc is used by five of the top ten supercomputers in terms of power and eight of the top ten supercomputers in terms of efficiency.

“In the enterprise, we also see the significant deployment of Epyc,” Su said. The proper data center CPU considers both efficiency and sustainability. According to Su, power consumption is becoming a serious limitation in data centers. She claims that energy expenses have increased fivefold in some regions of the world.She stated that you can obtain the same performance as 15 Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 processors with only five 4th Gen Epyc processors, saving millions of dollars across data centers.

“Compute is used to transform and drive the organization’s core business,” she added. Su stated that Fourth Generation Epyc leverages 5-nanometer manufacturing (and 6-nanometer for memory chiplets) to squeeze 90 billion transistors onto the CPU. Microsoft Azure has announced the deployment of virtual machine instances based on Fourth Generation Epyc. Clay Magouyrk, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, stated on stage that AMD’s rate of innovation has been “incredible.”

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HPE CEO Antonio Neri stated that his business collaborated with AMD on older Epyc CPUs for the Frontier supercomputer. And now, HPE is introducing six new systems based on 4th Generation Epyc CPUs. Google Cloud also uses Epyc CPUs and boasts about its secure computing capabilities.

Via VentureBeat