AMD Will Enable Smart Access Memory (Resizable Bar) on Ryzen 3000 Processors

In response to their fan’s feedback, AMD has announced to bring Smart Access Memory(SAM) for previous generation Ryzen CPUs.

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During the third episode of “Where Gaming Begins, an event for the Radeon RX 6700 XT, Scott Herkelman confirmed that AMD will bring support for SAM on Zen2 based CPUs. SAM acts as an aid for efficient communication between the CPU and the GPU. Due to the SAM, the processor can access full VRAM, which will certainly aid in increasing the performance.

As for gaming, SAM can provide up to a 16% performance boost. AMD hasn’t released any performance figures for Zen2 and Navi22 based configurations yet.

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AMD’s announcement isn’t surprising because NVIDIA has recently announced the arrival of Resizable BAR support for their GeForce graphics cards series. NVIDIA also confirmed the ReBar support for AMD 400 series motherboards with the condition that only Zen3 based processors are used.