AMD X670E Chipset For Ryzen 7000 “AM5” CPUs Will Support PCIe Gen5 for GPU

We were hoping that we would see a few chipsets at Computex this year but it doesn’t seem likely as no confirmation has been given as of yet. These chipsets include the X670, the X670E and the B650 chipsets. It is only clear that these chipsets really do exist and they will be announced at some point, which we assume might be the Computex in the coming week.

AMD AM5 Platform Raphael

The X670 and the X670E are almost the same cards with the X670E being the special ‘Extreme’ edition of the original X670. We have some information from the source that this X670E is going to come with mandatory PCIe Express 5.0 support which has been extended for both the graphics card and as well as the storage. The standard X670 on the other hand, will come with Gen4 support; the Gen5 support hasn’t been made mandatory for both the devices.

Talking about the other devices, the Gen5 support could possibly only be extended for storage. Also, so far we haven’t received any confirmation regarding the DDR4/DDR5 differentiation. This means that there will probably be more inclination towards the DDR5 which is more expensive.

Via VideoCardz