Angry Miao launches CYBERBOARD Terminal Mechanical Keyboard

On April 27, 2022, Angry Miao officially released CYBERBOARD Terminal, a new custom mechanical keyboard inspired by Terminal. It also marks the first time a translucent integrated Gasket Mount is used in a mechanical keyboard. The official retail price of the Base Kit is 600 USD, while the Bundle (engraved and non-engraved) is priced at US $810. CYBERBOARD Terminal will be available worldwide through Angry Miao’s official website ( in limited quantities, starting April 28, 2022 at 10:00 am (PDT).

cyberboard terminal swiper 09

Terminal is the control window into the virtual world, and has been widely used in numerous sci-fi film and television works. Unique elements such as the blinking underscore in command-line interfaces, the digital rain and the black and green dynamic lighting effects are all deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. CYBERBOARD Terminal uses custom made semi-transparent black PC material that doesn’t require painting. This improved production process is not only more eco-friendly, but also ensures higher stability and greater durability.

cyberboard terminal swiper 03

In terms of dynamic lighting effects, CYBERBOARD Terminal incorporates Digital Rain, which symbolizes the command-line. It flies across the LED panel like it’s on an endless search for information, and with a special afterimage effect visible with each keystroke, it symbolizes a geeky atmosphere.

cyberboard terminal swiper 01

By combining the custom PC material and its black background with green characters together with its unique LED panel and in-switch LED lighting, CYBERBOARD Terminal thrillingly immerses users into retro futuristic hacker world.

cyberboard terminal 07

Advanced translucent gasket with integrated design
When it comes to improved feel, Angry Miao makes a bold move by implementing a translucent gasket structure with integrated design. The Gasket Mount is directly integrated into the PC material keyboard. Besides ensuring a good typing experience, the materials and appearance on the inside are also further refined.

Different from previous iterations of Angry Miao’s Gasket Mount, level 10 silicone hardness is used. The silicone is integrated with the plate through in-mould injection, which not only looks more transparent by blending in with the keyboard’s overall design, but also makes it sound less hollow and gives it a more solid feel.

Mirror PVD stainless steel weight plate
Unlike metal, semi-transparent PC material brings an extremely cool RGB lighting effect experience. To achieve the same substantial feel as when using metal, a counterweight is used.

The counterweight used in CYBERBOARD Terminal features a radical design, with the weight plate being visible from the outside. Its mirror PVD stainless steel surface occupies most of the bottom area. Exposed reflective stainless steel forms a stark yet dazzling contrast with the matte PC material.

Exclusive black keyboard case
In addition to a redesign of the keyboard itself, Angry Miao also designed a black on green keyboard case for CYBERBOARD Terminal, to achieve a full hacker experience.

Community co-creation
It’s worth mentioning that CYBERBOARD Terminal product photography has been carried out in collaboration between Angry Miao and its community. Through Angry Miao’s DAO platform, community users who are interested in creating high-quality content are invited to participate.

DAO is an organizational form derived from the core idea of blockchain. It’s built upon the principles of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and collaboration. Angry Miao users can participate in the co-creation of products at all stages of the product process, and get actively involved in product optimization, iteration and innovation.

Based on the “Future Art Community” brand concept, Angry Miao drives the development of their brand forward together with their users. Based on the contribution of each user, “MIAO COIN” rewards will be issued in the future, which will also be voted on through Angry Miao’s DAO platform. This is to let their valuable users grow together with the brand and become more than just “spiritual shareholders”.

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