Antec Mobile Products Sugarcube Bluetooth Speaker Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
Getting the Sugarcube set up to work with your device is extremely easy. Turn the Sugarcube on and it will automatically go into pairing mode (fast blinking LED). Now on your device go into the Bluetooth settings and you should see “SugarCube’ in the list. Select it and it will automatically pair, there is no passcode needed.

I have been using the Sugarcube for a little over a week now. It took the place of my Antec SP1 for the time being. Going from a larger Bluetooth speaker like the SP1 to the smaller Sugarcube is definitely a change. I guess the best way to describe it is that you lose the “umph” that the SP1 had. So you don’t have that powerful bass like you would typically find in a larger Bluetooth speaker.

Antec Mobile Products Sugarcube

The sound quality is good though, and much better than what you are going to get from say your smartphone or tablet. The Sugarcube sounds better than some laptop speakers too. There are no volume controls on the Sugarcube so you control it with the volume on your device. The Sugarcube is pretty loud, it can fill a small room with sound no problem.

I also used the Sugarcube to take a few phone calls. I could hear the person on the other line quite clear. The person on the other line did say I did not sound as well as I did on my phone though. Since there are no buttons on the Sugarcube you can’t change songs or pause them, or even answer call without your phone.

Overall this Sugarcube is a nice alternative to using the speakers on your phone or tablet, but does not sound as good as the larger 2-speaker speakers we have tested. The smaller size does make it easier to take with you places though. Right now you can pick up the Sugarcube for only $24.99 at my favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Antec Mobile Products Sugarcube Bluetooth speaker a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Small and compact size
– Available in many different colors
– Effortless setup
– Good sound for its size
– Auxiliary in

– No controls on the speaker
– Microphone quality is not the best
– Does not compare to 2-speaker units we have tested

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