AORUS CV27Q 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review

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So going over specifications again we have a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and 400 nits brightness. I first started playing Apex Legends, which is a very fast-paced FPS. I was used to gaming on a 100 Hz display, so gaming on a 165 Hz display was a nice improvement and it was noticeable. Running at a faster refresh rate makes it seem like you have just a few more ms to get your shots in (at least to me). Since Apex Legends does not support HDR it is a good title to test if there is any backlight bleed, which there was none at all.

AORUS CV27Q 165Hz Gaming Monitor

The next title I tested was the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which does support HDR. Here you could really see true blacks and the colors really popped! Single-player games like this are really what I think these display are made for it and it really shows and made the gameplay much more enjoyable. Also the 1500R curve seemed just about perfect for the 27-inch display. I did not have to move my head left or right and having the curve made me feel more immersed in the game that I was playing.

AORUS CV27Q 165Hz Gaming Monitor

AROUS is calling their gaming monitors “tactical” as they do have some pretty interesting features. The first is the ability to add a crosshair to the center of the display. The whole idea is to make it easier for you to hit your shots. The default crosshair is green, but you can add custom crosshair’s using the OSD sidekick software. I turned on the crosshair when playing Apex Legends and while I didn’t notice it at first I do believe it helped me a bit to get better shots.

AORUS CV27Q 165Hz Gaming Monitor

The next feature is Active Noise Cancelling. As we mentioned earlier in the review there are actually small microphones on the display. These will listen to the sound around you and will cancel-out background noise. You again need to have the USB connected to your PC, but once you do you’ll see the monitor as a sound device. Then connect your headphones to the monitor and open up the OSD Sidekick to enable Active Noise Cancelling.

To test to see if Active Noise Cancelling worked I recorded myself talking with music playing in the background. The whole idea was to see if the monitor would cancel-out the background music when I had ANC on. So here is the first audio recording without ANC.


Next we have the second recording with ANC turned on to the default setting, which is High.


As you can see the monitor was able to cancel-out background noise pretty well. This is great if you happen to be gaming in a loud area (LAN center, LAN party), or computer is setup in a loud area like a common room. ANC makes it easier for your teammates to clearly hear you, which is of course crucial in competitive games.

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