Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse Review

Not that long ago we took a look at Cooler Master’s MM710 gaming mouse, which was their first lightweight gaming mouse weighing in at only 53g. It was also my first time really spending a lot of time with a lightweight gaming mouse and since then I’ve been hooked. While the MM710 was a great mouse it was missing one thing…RGB lighting. Yes I know RGB lighting does not make a difference when it comes to performance, but looking down at my RGB keyboard you sort of want your mouse to have RGB lighting as well. Cooler Master must have felt the same way as they recently introduced the MM711, which adds RGB lighting. This of course adds weight so the MM711 weighs in at 60g. Let’s take a look!

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the MM711 Gaming Mouse to review.


mm711 specs


The MM711 comes in Cooler Master’s typical retail packaging, which has a photo of the mouse on the front and lets you know it is 60g, has a 16K DPI sensor, and the switches are rated for 20 million clicks.

Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse

Flipping over to the back some of the main features of the mouse are detailed.

Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse

Getting everything out of the box we have the MM711 gaming mouse, an extra set of mouse skates, and a user’s guide.

Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse

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