APNX Releases Its First Gaming PC Case, The C1

APNX, which stands for Advanced Performance Nexus, has entered the components market as a newcomer. Today, they achieved their initial milestone by globally launching their inaugural product, the C1 gaming chassis.

The APNX C1 appears quite conventional in terms of its size and internal layout for a PC case. Nevertheless, its standout feature lies in the wraparound perforated front and side panels, boasting smooth curved edges that offer a sleek, minimalist aesthetic while setting it apart from the competition. These perforated panels also extend to the top, enabling robust fan configurations to maintain optimal hardware temperatures. Constructed from robust 8mm thick SGCC and SECC steel, the chassis includes removable dust filters for easy maintenance. It features a respectable I/O selection, comprising two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one USB 3.0 Type-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

C1 photo gallery 1

Cooling plays a significant role ifor any gaming pc case, thanks to the inclusion of four pre-installed APNX FP1 fans, each measuring 30mm in thickness. These fans outperform standard 25mm thick case fans, as their broader blades enhance air circulation by up to 30-50% compared to the 25mm counterparts. In total, this case can accommodate up to 11 fans and two 360mm radiators, making it a top choice for water-cooling enthusiasts.

C1 photo gallery 11

C1 case boasts extensive hardware compatibility, offering ample clearance for even the largest GPUs. Additionally, it provides the option of a GPU riser card and holder to support bulkier cards, while also adding a stylish touch to vertical card configurations. At the rear of the case, there’s plenty of space for cable management, and a removable cable management sidebar on the motherboard backplate provides an effective way to channel and conceal your cables.

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Upon its release, the case will be available for purchase with a starting MSRP of £138.98. You can choose from color options including black, white, or a unique ChromaFlare blue/purple finish. Availability may differ depending on your region.