Apple Celebrates 30 Years of the Mac

Can you believe that it has been 30 years since Apple introduced the Macintosh personal computer? The Mac was very ground breaking when it was introduced because instead of the normal command line like most PCs at the time it used a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and mouse, which made using the device extremely easy.

Apple Macintosh

Apple has gone ahead and setup a few pages to commemorate the anniversary. Even if you are not an Apple fan boy they are worth checking out. The pages contain photos of Apple computers through the years, examples of what people have created with Macs and a timeline that shows what people have used their Macs for over the years.

I remember using my first Mac in elementary school and it was a very unique experience and something that I will always remember. It is crazy to think how far Apple has come as far as innovation and as a company in just 30 years. Do you have a Mac experience you want to share, leave us a comment below.

Source: Apple | News Archive

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