CapTherm To Release Revolutionary Multiphase CPU Cooler

CapTherm is probably a name you have not heard of, and before reading this news story I did not either. CapTherm has worked with Data Center’s and other industrial companies to bring cooling levels down on their products. It looks like they have been working on a the MP-1120 multiphase cooling system. You may think this is an AiO water cooler or something similar, but it is a whole different breed of cooler all together.

CapTherm MP-1120

We all know that both copper and aluminum have been used in PC cooler for sometime and there is only so much cooling that they can do. CapTherm saw this problem and turned to explosion welding. These is where layers of metal are set under a layer of high explosives and detonated to weld them together. This process is used to weld normally incompatible materials together, like titanium, copper and stainless steel. After the process have been completed the “CPU Block” is cleaned up and finished off with a very cool sight glass.

CapTherm MP-1120

So not only does the block look awesome you can actually see what’s going on inside of the cooler. The guys a TweakTown captured this video of the cooler in action.

So how does the cooler actually work? The basis of the design is a non-conductive liquid in the base of the cooler. Once it heats up to a boil the vapor goes up into the thin radiator. This radiator is said to be able to run passively in many instances, but you are able to add a fan for better cooling. The glass part of the cooler actually has to be plasma fusion welded to keep the cooler running as it should. There is also a RGB LED installed to give you a better view of what’s happening inside of the cooler.

CapTherm MP-1120

Now no performance numbers have been listed at all, but it is said that the MP-1120 is capable of 10 times better performance than other solutions that are on the market. This is a big deal and it is good to see something new come into the cooling market as things have not changed that much at all. Of course this type of technology does come with a hefty price tag. The MP-1120 will have an MSRP of $249. Keep in mind there are no moving parts inside this cooler, unless of course you add a fan yourself. No word yet on when exactly the MP-1120 will be available.

Images courtesy of TweakTown.

Source: TweakTown | News Archive

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