Apple M1 Silicon Is as Fast as 2019 Mac Pro in Code Compiling

The new M1 silicon is continuously shining; first, it was the performance while emulating then rendering times, and now it’s code compilation. The M1 silicon and 2019 Mac Pro stand equal in code compilation timings.

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What’s more astonishing is that it not only efficiently compiles the code, but the battery consumption is also low.

It is amazing to see these results considering the fact that the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, and M1 Mac mini are much cheaper than all the models released by Apple in the previous year or six months.TechCrunch compiled the open-source code for Safari’s browser engine WebKit on various Macs, and if you look at the results you will notice M1-powered Macs did the job in the least time.

M1 MacBook Pro
20 minutes and 43 seconds

M1 MacBook Air
25 minutes and 5 seconds

M1 Mac mini
19 minutes 32 seconds

2019 Mac Pro
20 minutes and 11 seconds

16-inch MacBook Pro
26 minutes and 56 seconds

2020 13-inch MacBook Pro with Intel CPU
46 minutes and 10 seconds

You will notice that the M1 MacBook Pro compiled the code in almost half the time taken by the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro that features an Intel processor. It also easily outperformed the 16-inch MacBook Pro and was standing with the 2019 Mac Pro.
Code Compilation is a demanding task; hence it affects your battery life. Below are the battery life charts for each of the Mac Models.

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You might have noticed that the M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro had 91% battery left whereas the Intel-based models had significantly less battery left. The code compilation results lead to a conclusion that the M1 silicon is both powerful and efficient. It’s an outstanding achievement considering it’s their first shot at M1 chips.

Via Techcrunch