Apple Place Orders With TSMC For 3NM Chipsets, To be Used in Future Macs, iPhones and iPads

When it comes to lithography, Apple leads the chip industry as it was the first one to release a 5nm chip aka the A14 Bionic. To maintain its leadership, Apple introduced the M1 chip housed in its latest Macs. As per a recent report, it looks like Apple is willing to stay ahead of the competition as it has secured all of TSMC’s 3nm chip production.

Not only have they paced the way for phones with the release of their incredible iPhone 11 64GB, but they follow suit with their latest iteration of Macs, showing once again why they are the number one in consumer electronics.

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A previous report stated that Apple has secured all of TSMC’s 5nm orders for 2021 and UDN states that Apple has uplifted its game by securing the orders for 3nm chips too.

Till now, the TSMC plan is on its track as 50,000 processors are expected to be produced each month hence achieving the goal of annual 600, 000 processors production. Mass production might start in 2022.

Apple hasn’t confirmed its order quantity yet but considering the sales figure, Apple products achieve, TSMC could rely on Apple to cover its investment costs. If you are thinking about the benefits of 3nm chips, TSMC previously mentioned that you can expect a 20-25 increase in power efficiency.

Sources also tell that Samsung, the biggest competitor of TSMC, is making the jump from 5nm to 3nm. There’s no saying whether the chips made by the Korean giant will be able to compete with TSMC.

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In 2021 Apple’s A15 Bionic is expected to be made on TSMC’s N5P architecture which will provide a little performance and power efficiency gain compared to current-generation 5nm nod.