Biostar and ASRock Announces Support for Intel 11th Gen Core ‘Rocket Lake-S’ on Z490 Motherboards

As per a picture posted by @momomo_us, Biostar is the first motherboard manufacturer to officially confirm that its existing 400-series motherboards will support the upcoming 11th Gen Intel Core CPU series. The marketing post published on Biostar’s social media handle confirms the news.

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Intel’s 10th Generation “Comet Lake-S” processor and 11th generation Rocket Lake-S will share the same socket, LGA1200. The 400 series motherboards launched earlier this year were marketed with support for PCIe Gen4’s hardware, but no such hardware to utilize the support existed at that time.

It is rumored that Intel will announce its 11th generation processors at CES 2021. Intel is expected to announce the availability of the 500-series motherboards shortly after the processors have been announced.

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In other news, a BIOS update from ASRock confirmed that their premium motherboard like Z490, W480, and H470 motherboards will also support Intel’s upcoming 11th Gen processors.

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