Apple’s 802.11ac MacBook Air Laptops Face Dropped WiFi Issues

We have known from numerous latest user reports that Apple’s new 802.11ac Macbook Air laptops are facing Wi-Fi disconnection problem. The Apple users are experiencing a sudden and unexpected drop in their laptops’ wireless connectivity. As posted on the Apple’s Support Communities website, we have learned that the problem is basically appearing on both the 11inch and 13inch varieties of the newly updated notebook lineup which was introduced at the WWDC earlier this month.

Macbook Air

The new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards baked in the latest Mac Book Air laptops offers thrice the wireless speed as that of 802.11n covering the way for streaming ultra HD content and faster transfers. But it’s important to know here that 802.11ac is still in its draft form, and the standard is yet to be approved which it will, most probably by February 2014.

Vague thoughts may appear in mind that whether this problem will lead to suspended shipping of 802.11ac products; but no, that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from shipping them. The moment beta software is downloaded; things start to change their shape. Due to this problem being faced on Apple Macbook Air, a lot of owners have launched their grievances against it on the Apple’s support forum.

Macbook Air

Even the Apple users who are using a variety of networking gear which includes Apples’ Airport Extreme router itself are facing the same dropped connection problems. Let us advise you here that if you are going through the same crisis, try updating the firmware on your router to the latest version, if the problem still persists then we are sorry to say that you got to hold your horses till Apple takes notice of it and fixes it up.

Source: Apple Support Forum | News Archive