Panasonic Unveils “Indestructible” Memory Cards

Panasonic has revealed their latest UHS Speed Class (Class 1), SD Speed Class (Class 10) micro SD cards and the micro SDHC UHS-1 Card series. Depending on the storage capacity its availability is ensured in different sizes (32GB/ 16GB/ 8 GB / 4GB). These cards will employ MLC type NAND Flash Memory which has the top read speed of 45MBps and writing speed of 25MBps. Panasonic has marketed their Indestructible Memory Cards with some protection and service life prolonging elements, such as…


Water Resistant – JIS IPX7 Standard. This implies that memory card can even work if it is brought into contact with water to a depth of 1 meter for the duration of 30 minutes.

ESD Proof – IEC61000-4-2 Standard, bestows the card a static discharge test clearance with a test resistance value of 330 ohms, corresponding to 150pF max capacitance, ± 15kV (air) discharge capacity.

The Memory Card is Magnet Proof; therefore it can endure a 1,000-guass magnetic field and can function for that duration.

X-ray Proof – it has been certified under ISO7816 Standard. Hence if it gets exposed to 0.1Gy of absorbed radiation it will still be working to surprise.

This tough memory card has the quality can resist to a force of 20N and it does have 0.1Nm endurable moment torsion load, so it ascertains to be shock prove.

It can manage to function within the temperature range of 25 to 85 degree Celsius (-13 to 185°F).

Although the prices of Panasonic Memory Cards have been publicized but the availability is due is on July 13, 2013.

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