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Reeven Introduces RC-1401 CPU Cooler

Reeven has launched the RC-1401 large tower type CPU cooler. The design includes the usual aluminum fin stack. The heat is transferred to it by a combination of two 8mm thick and a three 6mm thick copper heat pipes. The 8mm thick ones extend to the stack’s border, while the 6mm thick pipes are restricted to the central regions. The top most fin is covered. These heat pipes emit from a nickel-plated copper base indirectly, which comes in a mirror finish.

Reeven RC-1401 CPU Cooler

A 140mm fan is responsible to ventilate the heat sink. One is built-in although it supports a second one for push and pulls configurations. The fan that is included is a 25mm thick 140mm spinner which bears the PWM control and spins in the range of 300-1300 RPM, thrusting air from 27.2 CFM to 70 CFM with a noise output rated at 9.6 to 24.7 dBA.

Reeven RC-1401 CPU Cooler

The RC 1401 measures 161x70x143mm (HxWxD), weighing about 820g which does not include the weight of the fan. It supports all latest type of CPU sockets including LGA115x, LGA2011, LGA775, AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 and FM2/FM1.

Reeven RC-1401 CPU Cooler

Pricing details have not been discussed yet but for now we know that the company will begin shipping its cooler by the end of this month.

Source: Reveen | News Archive