Codenames For Next Generation AMD Volcanic Islands GPUs Revealed

Recently information has been revealed about the codenames for a few forthcoming Volcanic Islands GPUs. Some people from SemiAccurate have prepared and publicized a comprehensive analysis regarding the codenames of upcoming Volcanic Islands Graphics Processing unit. They have come up with quite interesting outcomes with this study.


For beginners, the leaked codenames are categorized into two groups, the Radeon group and the FirPro group of GPUs. They are purportedly as below:

AMD Volcanic Islands Radeon:

  • 67B1 = “HAWAII PRO”
  • 67B0 = “HAWAII XT”
  • 67BE = “HAWAII LE”

AMD Volcanic Islands FirePro:

  • 67A1 = “HAWAII GL40”
  • 67A0 = “HAWAII XTGL”

It seems as if the FirPro “Gemini” isn’t going to bring forward two XTGL chips, but it will present two GL40 chips.  The cause for this seems to maintain the card’s TDP below the accepted maximum of 375W. The GL 40 parts would be either reduced versions of XTGL parts, or cherry picked parts that perform well on low voltages.

Through the information presented we can’t proclaim whether any of these parts would be a flagship part or not, however it does signify that there will be at least six Hawaii-based GPUs.

Source: Toms Hardware | News Archive