Apple’s AR Headset Will Feature Performance Similar to M1 Pro Chip; To Be Priced More Than $2,000

Apple is all geared up to set foot into the augmented and virtual reality world with the introduction of its latest AR Headset. The headset will give a performance very similar to that of the M1 Pro chip. It is said to be priced above $2000. Reports state that the launch of the Headset( initially planned by the end of this year) might experience a delay owing to some unidentified software and hardware issues.

Mark Gurman, in his Power on newsletter, hinted at the mixed reality headset to be pricey. Many analysts were expecting it to reach a whopping $3000. It is usually that Apple locks in higher margins than its competitors cashing its brand name.

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It is worth noting that the M1 Pro chip can also be seen in the latest MacBook Pro models. Gurman reveals that Apple will opt for the M1 Pro chip owing to its advanced graphic features and not because of its unbelievably efficient CPU speed. He has also come forward with some possible names that Apple might give to its upcoming AR Headset.

Analysts speculate that Apple’s AR Headset will be primarily used for games, media consumption, and communication purposes.

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Via WCCFTech