Apple’s New Mac Pro Benchmarks Fail to Impress

Just today we came across the standard scores from the new Apple Mac Pro, with great sorrow we would have to say that it does not impress us at all. What a set-back it might have been for the Apple’s team.

Apple was really looking forward that the launch of this cylinder-like Mac Pro will definitely sweep its customers of their feet, but sadly it didn’t. When this device was launched at the WWDC 2013 followed by iOS7, the expected come out was dire and therefore was a pure disappointment for the Apple’s team. No jokes, but the first perception that came in mind by looking at its outlook were indeed of a dustbin. Yes! We are sorry to say that but it really killed the excitement.

Apple Mac Pro

The benchmarks (shown below) which were released looked somewhat underwhelming because people were hoping to catch a bigger fish this time but unfortunately Apple introduced a smaller box with slightly enhanced computational strength. We really fear what actually is cooking in their minds.



Well good thing the product has still got some time to hit the market. We assume that one of the reasons for these not such good score can be the further optimization coupled with the new Mac OS X which is yet to be done.

We hope Apple realizes the expectations of its customers and come up with a better retail version of Mac Pro.

Source: Mac Rumors | News Archive