Apple’s Upcoming 27-Inch mini-LED Display With ProMotion Reportedly Cancelled

Reportedly, Apple has decided to cancel the highly anticipated follow-up to the Apple Studio Display, which was rumored to be a 27-inch monitor with mini-LED technology. An individual with knowledge of the matter has revealed that the launch of this display, which was expected to have superior features compared to the more affordable Studio Display, will not be happening. This news has disappointed many who were looking forward to this coveted product.

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Ross Young, the Founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), recently shared a tweet with his super followers, discussing the cancellation of the standalone 27-inch mini-LED display. This tweet was picked up by 9to5Mac, and it is speculated that if this display had been launched, it could have potentially replaced the current Pro Display XDR to become Apple’s flagship monitor catering to creative professionals and content creators.

Apple’s Mac business experienced a significant decline of 40 percent in shipments over a 12-month period. This suggests that the premium monitor, despite its appealing features like ProMotion technology with a high refresh rate display, may not have sold well in the current economic climate.

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Additionally, it is worth noting that the rumored 27-inch mini-LED display could have potentially offered a more competitive price compared to the Pro Display XDR, while also providing a significant upgrade in terms of display technology from IPS LCD to mini-LED. However,the screen size would have been smaller at 27 inches instead of 32 inches. As Ross Young’s tweet did not provide further details, we can only speculate about Apple’s future plans. However, there have been reports of Apple working on multiple displays with custom silicon, so we may expect to learn more in the upcoming months.