Arc A770 Limited Edition Graphics Card Confirmed By Intel

Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout from Intel have been touring several YouTubers with a large public reach, showing the latest Arc Alchemist graphics card for the first time. Intel has recently revealed the Limited-Edition Arc A750 GPU along with Gamers Nexus and now it was time for the A770 to come out in the open. The full card which was also labeled as the ‘limited edition’ was seen up close during the LinusTechTips WAN Show. Limited Edition here means that the card’s custom cooling solution is going to come paired with RGB lighting.


We are still waiting for Linus to post a video which will show the real card in full action. Though no synthetic benchmarks have been allowed till this point, the card was still demonstrated in a few games such as the Cyberpunk 2077. For benchmarks, we will have to wait till Intel officially starts to sample the card.


Peterson says that the A770 is going to be the first card which you can finally use to game. He further added that the card’s overclock ability is quite remarkable too. As far as the design goes, the card is quite similar in looks to the A750 LE which comes with four display connectors, dual power connectors, and a dual fan.


Though we haven’t received any official specifications yet, there are a few things we might already know, thanks to the numerous leaks in which we saw the A770. It will feature a full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and a GDDR6 memory of 16 GB. So far this appears to be the highest memory configuration among all other desktop Alchemist SKUs.


The model will soon appear for sale through retail channels. The A770 LE will not be restricted to a single store; we might expect to see Intel taking a similar approach as NVIDIA does with BestBuy and Founders Edition.

The high-end desktop Arc Alchemist graphics cards are expected to arrive this summer, but we are still waiting for Intel to confirm the official launch date.