Arctic Launches VGA Cooler Series with Backside Heatsink

Arctic has launched a new series of VGA coolers that feature a patented backside heatsink. The passive heatsink on the back is designed to cool memory and power delivery components of your video card for longer lifespan and more stable overclocking.


The new coolers that will feature this backside heatsink include the Accelero Xtreme IV, Accelero Xtreme 280(X), Accelero Twin Turbo III and the Accelero Hybrid II-120.


Each one of these models are compatible with a variety of different graphics card from both AMD and NVIDIA. Arctic did point out that the backside cooler is installed without the use of thermal glue. This means that the card can be returned for an RMA to its original condition without them even knowing you used an aftermarket VGA cooler.

Prices start at $79.95 for the Accelero Twin Turbo and go up to $129.95 for the Accelero Hybrid II-120.

Source: Arctic | News Archive

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