ASRock Announces Arc A380 Low Profile Graphics Card

ASRock has unveiled their newest graphics card model, marking their entry into the low profile design category. Unlike their previous GPU designs, which lacked the required power efficiency, this release is made possible by Intel’s Arc A380 GPU. This particular model does not need external power connectors and operates solely on the 75W supplied through the PCIe slot, making it an ideal choice for ASRock’s low profile graphics card lineup.

IMG 6322

This model departs from the factory-overclocked Challenger ITX design and instead features a GPU Clock of 2.0 GHz as its default setting. Similar to other A380 variants, it has 6GB of GDDR6 memory connected to a 96-bit memory bus. The memory operates at a remarkable speed of 15.5 Gbps, providing a bandwidth of 186 GB/s.

IMG 6324

This graphics card is specifically designed for non-gaming purposes and does not claim to be a gaming-oriented device. The A380 cards stand out as exceptional secondary GPU options, particularly for efficient AV1 encoding. Their compact form factor further enhances their attractiveness when compared to competing products.

Intel Arc A380 Low Profile 6GBL5

While ASRock’s low-profile A380 isn’t the pioneering design in its category, as MSI had already introduced a similar concept a few months earlier, it does incorporate a comparable dual-fan cooling solution like the MSI model. Furthermore, both cards share a common restriction concerning display connectors. Instead of having four connectors, ASRock’s card includes a combination of DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0b, and notably, it also includes the latest DisplayPort 2.0.

Via ASRock