ASRock Announces the Fatal1ty B85 Killer Motherboard

ASRock has just announced a new gaming motherboard and interestingly enough it is using Intel’s B85 chipset. The board in question is the Fatal1ty B85 Killer Motherboard which features Killer E2200 Series LAN, Gaming Armor, Key Master and XSplit.

ASRock Fatal1ty B85 Killer Motherboard

ASRock Fatal1ty B85 Killer is coated in the same red and black color scheme just as other ASRock gaming motherboards to represent intense and fierce gaming. Other than the Killer E2200 Series LAN, it also boasts Gaming Armor for extra performance and stability, which includes Hi-Density Power Connectors for the CPU power, 15μ Gold Fingers for the PCIe slot. Purity Sound 115dB SNR to provide immersive audio effects for entertainment, Key Master with both Sniper Key and Macro Key to turn your ordinary keyboard and mouse into lethal weapons! Plus a free bundle of XSplit 3 month premium for free which is worth $24.95, so that you may broadcast your exciting gaming moments online with the rest of the world! And of course, gold capacitors for extending the motherboards lifespan up to 2.5 times longer, Digi Power for providing smoother power for the CPU Vcore, Triple Monitor technology by HDMI, DVI-D and D-Sub ports on the rear I/O.

ASRock Fatal1ty B85 Killer Motherboard

Now with Killer LAN you won’t have to succumb to crappy internet connections anymore! Killer LAN is efficient in improving UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based applications up to 5 times faster! Lab tests have proven that Killer LAN reduces the latency in games, for instance, the latency of League of Legends may be lowered by 136%, Diablo 3 lowered by 60% and DOTA2 by 47%*! Besides gaming, users can also prioritize other application’s internet speed with the Killer Network Manager utility.


Source: ASRock | News Archive

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