ASRock Arc A750 Challenger 8GB Discounted To Just $179

During the recent week, there was an abundance of GPU deals as Amazon Prime Day and Newegg’s Fantastech offers came to an end. Now that both promotions are over, gamers need to shift their focus towards finding other appealing deals that will make their money worthwhile.

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To tackle this issue, ASRock seeks to provide a solution through a deal on the Arc A750 Challenger series. Just to recap, the Arc A750 with 8GB was initially released last year at $279. However, Intel quickly realized that this price was not good enough to compete effectively in the market. As a result, the price was lowered to $249 in February.

In recent weeks, AMD made headlines by launching its Radeon RX 7600 at $279, closely followed by NVIDIA’s introduction of the RTX 4060 priced at $299. Despite the adjusted price, the Arc A750 didn’t stand out as an appealing option. However, after a span of five months, the situation has dramatically shifted, with the Arc A750 now available at Newegg for a price of $179.

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At present, the ASRock Challenger model is priced at $199; however, customers have the opportunity to lower this price even further by utilizing a $20 coupon code, “VGAEXCAA784.” This brings the final price down to $179, which is the lowest price ever offered for this card. Undoubtedly, this reduced price will make it easier for Intel and ASRock to persuade gamers to purchase the 8GB models for less than $180.

Via Newegg