ASRock Arc A770 GPU 16GB Drops To $299, 8GB Model Now Available For $249

ASRock has once again decreased the price of their Arc graphics cards. The newly introduced 16GB variant of the Arc A770 GPU, which seems to be replacing the Intel Limited Edition model, now comes with a lower price of $299. This reflects a $30 reduction from its initial launch price at the close of the previous month. At the moment, it holds the position of the most affordable 16GB graphics card in the US market.

IMG 7336

ASRock’s price drops for their Arc GPUs continue with the 8GB version of the Phantom Gaming model now available at $249. Furthermore, the Arc A750 model has reverted to its previous price of $199 from a few weeks ago. It’s worth noting that Intel had officially lowered the MSRP of this card from the original $279 to $249 a few months back. Nonetheless, due to heightened competition from the RTX 4060 and RX 7600 series, these cards were susceptible to price changes regardless.

Should the rumor hold true, Intel might be preparing for an update to their Arc GPUs. The leaked roadmaps suggest a potential Alchemist+ refresh, although there haven’t been any corroborating reports from other sources so far. The upcoming Innovation 2023 event in September could potentially serve as the ideal platform for Intel to formally unveil these intentions.

Via Newegg