ASROCK B760 Sonic Motherboard With DDR5 And PCIe Gen5 Technologies Leaked

ASRock has introduced one of their most innovative designs to the mid-range market. ASRock released their Z790 Sonic motherboard last month. This LGA1700 motherboard is a unique version created under a license from SEGA. Those anticipating greater results from this collaboration will be satisfied. ASRock and SEGA are also developing a Z790-like B760M motherboard. Despite having a smaller Micro-ATX form size, this motherboard supports DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 technology, much as the high-end variant. Additionally, it has a Wi-Fi network card, which was unavailable in the Z790.

It should be noted that the I/O and VRM heatsinks on the Z790 and B760M Sonic boards are nearly similar. In reality, it appears they have a very identical VRM architecture (14+1+1 power stage configuration for Z790). Moreover, the B760M is powered by two 8-pin power connections. Gigabyte and MSI’s future Mini-ITX motherboards based on the B760 chipset have also been captured in their very first images.

In terms of functionality, there is not much difference between the two designs. In addition to integrated Wi-Fi and a single reinforced PCIe Gen5 slot, this device also supports DDR4 memory. However, unlike the SONIC, the Mini-ITX series only has one 8-pin power connection. Following Intel’s formal release of the new chipset and the remainder of the 13th Gen Core desktop CPUs, all B760 motherboards will now be available on January 3rd.

Via Videocardz

Images Credit: Videocardz