ASRock Launches Radeon RX 7900 GRE Cards Starting At €579

Models based on Navi 31 XL, originally crafted for the Chinese market, are now available in Europe. The AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE is equipped with a compact Navi 31 GPU, housing 5120 Stream Processors. This GPU is not only found in the desktop version but is also used in the mobile Radeon RX 7900M graphics card. Despite its package size aligning more with Navi 32 than the anticipated Navi 31, it boasts significantly more cores than Navi 32, which is capped at 3840 cores. The primary commonality lies in the 16 GB GDDR6 memory configuration.

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The RX 7900 GRE, denoting Golden Rabbit Edition, initially targeted the Chinese DIY market exclusively, with global availability limited to select system integrators. Over time, AMD seems to recognize the need to expand distribution through standard DIY channels in response to the expanding NVIDIA RTX 40 series. Consequently, European retailers are increasingly showing interest in the new RX 7900 GRE cards.

ASRock recently revealed two cards from this SKU, namely the Challenger OC and Steel Legend OC. These have yet to be officially showcased on the company’s website. In terms of specifications and appearance, the RX 7900 GRE Challenger card appears to bear a strong resemblance to the RX 7800 XT model built on the Navi 32 architecture. This alignment isn’t unexpected, considering the RX 7900 GRE boasts a slightly lower total board power of 260W compared to the RX 7800 XT’s 263W.

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ASRock has affirmed that both cards will come with a higher base clock of 1500 MHz, marking an 18% surge beyond AMD’s reference specifications. Regarding boost clocks, the Challenger exhibits a 2% boost, reaching 2290 MHz, whereas the Steel Legend achieves a slightly superior boost clock at 2345 MHz, reflecting a 4.5% increase.

The RX 7900 GRE Steel Legend features a triple-fan cooler design, maintaining a white color scheme. Unlike the 2.5 slot design of the Challenger, the Steel Legend demands 2.8 available slots. Both cards draw power from a pair of 8-pin power connectors.

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The German Proshop has listed RX 7900 GRE at €579 for the Challenger OC model and €599 for the Steel Legend OC. Both cards are anticipated to be available around Valentine’s Day.

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Images Credit: Proshop