ASRock Officially Confirms Intel Arc A770 With 16GB Memory

ASRock has officially announced the upcoming release of a 16GB version of its Phantom Gaming model, which will be based on the Intel A770 SKU.

IMG 6747

Newegg was the source of the leak for the graphics card, listing it before ASRock made an official announcement about the model’s existence. There are not many 16GB variants of the A770 GPU in the market, but ASRock managed to secure a good deal on this SKU after Intel discontinued its Limited Edition (also known as the reference model).

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ASRock has confirmed that the Arc A770 Phantom Gaming 16GB OC shares almost identical specifications with its 8GB counterpart, featuring a GPU clock of 2.2 GHz, a dual 8-pin power connector, and a weight of 1.1kg. Both models are equipped with three fans and a 2.8-slot cooling design. The main distinction lies in the memory capacity and speed. ASRock’s A770 offers 17.5 Gbps memory, matching the speed of the Limited Edition and other 16GB AIB models.

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As per Newegg, the card is slated for release on July 28th, aligning with the date of the first shipment. The price has been set at $329, slightly below the official MSRP for this model, which is $349, making it the same price as the A770 8GB variant during its initial launch.

Via ASRockNewegg