ASRock X570 Taichi Packaging Spotted

It looks like the X570 leaks keep on coming! We’ve already seen a couple motherboards, the chipset diagram, so why not some box shots. Photos of a few boxes of the upcoming ASRock X570 Taichi were posted on Facebook. The X570 Taichi is no surprise as the ASRock has been putting out the Taichi series for a while now.

untitled 2

Also these showing up is no surprise as the Ryzen 3000 launch is just around the corner. We can derive a few things from the box, it looks like the board will offer RGB lighting (no surprise), and ASRock is still using the clockwork design, which we are hugs fans of. There is also an HDMI logo, which suggests that the motherboard will have HDMI output for Ryzen APUs with integrated graphics.

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