ASRock Z390 Extreme4 Motherboard Review

Software & Lights
As far as motherboard companion software ASRock makes it quite easy for you to download software with their Live Update & App Shop software. It lists available drivers, utilities, etc that you can download. This is of course good if you miss a driver or need a BIOS update.

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The main companion software is called A-Tuning. On the main page you’ll see your operation mode. You can choose from Performance Mode, Standard Mode, and Power Saving.


The next tab over is OC Tweaker. Here you can fully tune your system by changing the CPU ratio, BCLK, voltages, etc.

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The System Info tab is next. This gives you live information on your system.

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In FAN-Tastic Tuning you can tune all of the fans connected to your motherboard.


The other piece of software we want to highlight was ASRock’s Polychrome RGB. Here you can set the colors on the onboard RGB LEDs on the I/O cover, PCH heatsink, and audio cover, as well as the three RGB headers on the board.


The lighting on the board looks good, although it is not addressable RGB so you cannot do cool effect like that rainbow wave or anything like that.

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