ASUS And MSI Announce AMD Ryzen 9000 CPU Support With Latest AMD 600 Motherboard Firmware

Analyzing the latest AGESA firmware extensively is no longer required to verify its compatibility with the Ryzen 9000 series. MSI and ASUS have both confirmed that the Combo AM5 Pi patch A firmware, released this month for various AMD 600 series boards, does support AMD Ryzen CPUs from the upcoming generation.

Even though AMD hasn’t officially revealed the name of the Zen5-based CPU series, clues from AMD software suggest it will likely be dubbed Ryzen 9000. These CPUs are anticipated to be compatible with all AM5-based motherboards, requiring only a BIOS update. Some boards already have this update available, despite AMD not yet launching any Zen5 desktop CPUs.


The first ASUS board, the B650E-I Gaming ROG STRIX, has received official support for next-gen Ryzen CPUs, with MSI issuing a press release to confirm this. This development certainly hints at what might be imminent, particularly as AMD has a keynote scheduled for Computex 2024, less than two months away.

The upcoming AMD Ryzen 9000 series, codenamed “Granite Ridge,” is speculated to boast up to 16 Zen5 cores. This next-generation architecture is anticipated to expand from desktops to laptops and potentially handheld devices in the future, although the timing for these launches remains unconfirmed. Nevertheless, what AMD has officially announced is that Zen5 will be available this year.


Source: MSI, ASUS