ASUS GPU Tweak III Utility is now available to download

Do you want to overclock your graphics card or just want to check up on its temperature and performance, then ASUS has a solution for you, GPU Tweak software allows you to control and monitor your Graphic card’s performance. Fortunately, the software is receiving an update.


ASUS claims they have been working with PC enthusiasts for over two years to upgrade their GPU software.

.” This time has been spent collecting feedback on the software to create the best possible experience throughout. They claim that at the forefront of the revamp is the “completely overhauled UI,”

In order to provide a better experience, the GPU Tweak III was coded again from scratch. Once the code was complete, it was released in a closed beta system to test it before its official release. The closed beta version features built-in performance profiles, fan controls, an on-screen display, hardware monitor along with manual and automatic overclocking options. It also featured a built-in GPU-Z panel and an automated profile for loading games. This method allowed them to engage with their consumers.


The closed beta version is complete, and the app is now entering the open beta mode. Despite the testing in closed beta, ASUS states that the software may still have bugs, but you can report them in ASUS’s discord channel.

The open beta version can be downloaded from here.