ASUS India VP Claims ASUS ROG Ally Successor To Launch This Year

ASUS India Vice President for Consumer and Gaming PC, Arnold Su, hinted at the possibility of launching a second generation of ROG Ally this year. Su mentioned that the upcoming Ally model is expected to prioritize gaming features over Windows 11 functionalities, emphasizing a focus on gaming software.

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Arnold Su also confirmed that ASUS has dispatched over 70,000 units in India, primarily to early adopters. While official figures for other countries are undisclosed, considering the success of the first high-end Windows handheld, it is likely that ASUS is content with its sales. The revelation of ASUS developing a second-generation device shouldn’t come as a shock, as other companies, such as MSI with their upcoming Claw console, have similarly expressed plans for multiple generations despite the first version not being released yet.

We most likely will launch a second generation [handheld gaming console] this year. We will still keep the Windows features, but we will focus more on gaming,”

— Arnold Su, ASUS India

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It’s premature to determine the hardware specifications for the next-gen ROG Ally. However, the details align with AMD’s 2024 plans, specifically the Strix Point APU series. Anticipated improvements include a higher core count (4x Zen5+ 8x Zen5c) and enhanced GPU performance with a 16 CU RDNA3.5 graphics subsystem.

AMD’s 2025 APU roadmap introduces Kraken Point as an evolution of Phoenix2. Considering the current Ryzen Z1 series is built upon Phoenix1 and 2, it is expected that Strix1 will replace Phoenix1. Furthermore, the budget-focused APU is set to transition to Kraken APU, marking a significant advancement from 6 cores (2x Zen4 & 4xZen4c) to 8 cores (4xZen5 & 4x Zen5c). Notably, this APU will boast twice the number of GPU cores.

Source: Techlusive