ASUS Launches STRIX RTX 4060 Ti GPU With 16GB Memory

ASUS has unveiled another addition to their premium ROG STRIX GPU lineup, and as expected, it comes with a significant price. ASUS graphics cards have consistently been priced higher, but the ROG STRIX models surpass even higher-end SKUs in terms of cost.

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In Germany, the latest ROG STRIX RTX 4060 Ti featuring 16GB VRAM has been introduced at €659, which is €60 higher than the least expensive RTX 4070 cards available. However, reviews indicate that the RTX 4070 performs significantly better, around 20-30% faster, making it difficult to justify ASUS’ higher pricing for the RTX 4060 Ti at this time.

Priced at €549, the RTX 4060 Ti DUAL series provides a slightly more budget-friendly alternative when compared to the RTX 4070. Nevertheless, the price difference between the two remains relatively small.

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The RTX 4060 Ti 16GB has set a new record for the highest price among XX60-class GPUs, officially priced at $499. NVIDIA justifies this increase by doubling the memory capacity to 16GB. However, there has been some reluctance from NVIDIA in supplying review samples. Despite being available for purchase now and offering a preorder option for the ROG STRIX variant, gamers may find it surprising that they can opt for the faster RTX 4070 at a lower cost.

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Via ComputerBase
Images credit: ASUS, Geizhals