ASUS Maximus V Gene Motherboard Review

Included Software & ASUS Features
All ASUS motherboards comes with ASUS’s AI Suite II software.  This allows you to change and monitor different settings on your motherboard as well as much more.  We did a full overview of the AI Suite II software when we reviewed the Rampage IV Formula motherboard, so you can take a look at that video below.

While much of the AI Suite II software is the same ASUS has upgraded the Fan Xpert software to Fan Xpert 2.  ASUS has made a video that goes over all of the features.

Another piece of software that is included with the Maximus V Gene is ASUS’s GameFirst II.  This allows you to really take control over your network connection, prioritize different protocols and applications, track network usage and much more.  I have made a video that goes over many of the features.

Every ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboard comes with ASUS’s ROG Connect software.  This allows you to connect another system to your motherboard (via the ROG connect USB port) and monitor as well as troubleshoot your system.  Install the ROG Connect software on the remote machine then go ahead and connect it to your motherboard.  Now open the software and you are able to monitor voltages, temperatures, fan speeds and frequency.  You can also adjust the BCLK frequency and the CPU, VCSSA, PLL, VTT and 2nd VTT voltages.

RC Poster will show you the post codes as your system boots up, much like the debug LED on the motherboard.  If you system is not booting or hanging this will allow you to see where it is stopping.

RC Remote is a remote control for your system.  You can remotely power the system on and off, reset the system and reset the BIOS.

Finally RC Diagram allows you to monitor up to 5 values whether they are voltages, temperature or fan speed.  The information is displayed in a nice graph.

ASUS wants to speed up your USB 3.0 devices with their USB 3.0 Boost.  Once you have plugged in your USB 3.0p device go ahead and open USB 3.0 Boost via the AI Suite II menu.  From here you should see your USB 3.0 device.

You should be able to select either Turbo and UASP mode depending on your device.  Using the Thermaltake BlacX 5G hard drive dock and a Corsair Force GT solid state drive we can enable UASP mode.  So is there a difference?  Most definitely!  Check out our tests below running ATTO Disk Benchmark on normal mode then again on UASP mode.  Normal mode is on the left and UASP is on the right.

ASUS Maximus V Gene Motherboard ASUS Maximus V Gene Motherboard

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