ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of ASUS’s Prime Series of motherboards. While ROG and Strix boards and geared towards gamers the PRIME Series is pretty much for everyone, but does not have all of the extra features that you just don’t need. I always like to say that PRIME boards are a great starting point for most users and the PRIME X570-PRO is no different. You have great power delivery components, two M.2 slots, USB 3.2 gen 2 support, metal-shielded PCI-Express 4.0 slots, an I/O cover and integrated I/O shield. What else do you really need on the X570 platform?

While other boards are in your face with crazy designs and RGB lighting the PRIME X570-PRO is more subtle and just looks clean. While you do have some RGB lighting it is not all over the board and in your face. The black PCB with white accents looks really good and makes it easy to match this board with other components.

ASUS boards have always been solid performers and the PRIME X570-PRO is no different. Throughout our tests it was very comparable to the other X570 motherboards that we’ve tested and it held it own in overclocking. We were able to take our Ryzen 9 3900X and achieve an overclock of 4.3 GHz on all 12 cores!

The BIOS is quite easy to navigate and its EZ-Mode makes it easy for even beginners to do things like set their boot priority and memory settings. ASUS does pre-install their Armoury Crate software, which in my opinion is a good thing, but some people might feel weird that the software gets pre-installed on their system. Armoury Crate is new and makes updating your drivers, software and BIOS quite easy. The have also baked in Aura Sync into the app. I would hope that ASUS brings all of their apps into a single app or a single app with modules you can enable / disable. Ai Suite III just feels old at this point and I hope they plan taking its features and either upgrading the app or moving them into the Armoury Crate.

The only thing that you could say is missing from this board is WiFi. All of the other X570 boards we’ve reviewed have WiFi, so that is something to think about. Right now the PRIME X570-PRO is selling at our favorite online retailer for $239.99, which is a good price for what you are getting with this board. Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Sleek and minimal design
– Good overall performance
– Great power delivery components
– Metal reinforced PCI-Express slots
– Integrated I/O shield

– No WiFi
– Software package needs cleaned up

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