ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard Review

Software & Lights

ASUS manages all of their software through a new piece of software called Armoury Crate. When you first open it you actually are brought to the AURA Sync settings. You can see all of the AURA Sync devices in your system and you can easily adjust the effects.

x570 pro ss1 x570 pro ss2

As far as RGB lights on the board there is a small strip on the I/O cover and another under the chipset heatsink / fan. The heatsink / fan LEDs are likely going to be covered by your graphics card.

The next thing in Armoury Crate is the ability to download and install Drivers, Utilities, and BIOS’s. This makes things so much easier than downloading everything individually.

x570 pro ss3

ASUS’s Ai Suite III is still their motherboard companion software. This app will allow you to fully tune your system and do other motherboard related tasks all within Windows. While the app is good, at this point it seems sort of dated as its been around since at least 2014. When you first load up Ai Suite III you’ll be brought to the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 screen. Inside of here you can see all of the important information about the CPU speed and frequency, turbo mode, CPU fan speed, and the DIGI+VRM.

x570 pro ss5

You can click on TPU to get into the CPU frequency settings. Here you can change your CPU frequency as well as voltages.

x570 pro ss6

DIGI+VRM allows you to change the CPU power phase control and other power related settings.

x570 pro ss8

Fan Xpert 4 allows you to set the fan curves for your fans and run calibration for the optimal curve setting.

x570 pro ss7

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