ASUS Revels Its Cable-free “BTF” GeForce RTX 4070 GPU And Intel Z790/B760 Motherboards

ASUS introduced their upcoming Intel “BTF” B760-based motherboards’ newest version at two significant occasions: Gamescom in Germany and Bilibili World 2023 in China. Moreover, they provided a preview of their premium Z790 TUF model. These motherboards are part of the BTF (Back To the Future) product line, known for its distinct and captivating attributes.

IMG 7432

Significantly, this series not only expertly hides all cables but also introduces a dedicated link similar to PCI-Express, which directly powers the graphics cards. This innovative design eliminates the necessity for external GPU power connectors, as the graphics card obtains power solely through the PCIe and an extra connector.


At present, the BTF series comprises three separate motherboards: the TUF Gaming B760M-BTF WIFI 4D, the TX GAMING B760-BTF WIFI, and the TUF Z790 model (shown above) whose official name is yet to be revealed. ASUS aims to launch the complete product line by the end of the year, except for the TX GAMING motherboard. This variant is specifically designed for the Chinese market and is scheduled for an unveiling next month.

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This scenario does raise apprehensions about compatibility and being locked into a specific ecosystem. While the B760 motherboard is compatible with GPUs featuring extra power connectors, the GPU seems to have a constraint, operating solely within the ASUS BTF series ecosystem. Consequently, users might be tied to products from a single manufacturer, potentially affecting the resale value of these graphics cards in the wider market.

Despite its limitations, this innovation marks a notable advancement in GPU technology. It has the potential to establish a precedent that other companies might adopt, aiming to eventually eliminate the need for high-power GPU cables altogether.

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However, it’s crucial to recognize that these advancements would probably result in more complex motherboard designs and require added safety measures, particularly when accommodating even higher-powered GPUs. Opting to use 200W RTX 4070 models for this concept underscores the careful approach taken in implementing this technology.

Source & Images: PCGamesHardware