ASUS ROG Ally Consoles Now Support 4TB M.2 2280 SSDs Via Mod

ROG Ally is equipped with a 512GB M.2 SSD in a compact 2230 form factor, which matches Valve’s Steam Deck in size. ASUS is also getting ready to release a more budget-friendly version of the console, along with a 256GB variant. Nevertheless, even with 512GB of storage, it falls short for contemporary gaming, as some of the popular games alone occupy around 100GB.

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Since the ASUS ROG Ally is a recently released device, every console sold is still within the warranty period. Gamers who prefer not to carry external storage options have two alternatives: they can either upgrade the built-in storage to a larger capacity or explore more adventurous options.

It appears that the ROG Ally can accommodate a standard M.2 2280 storage, but it requires some modifications. Certain components of the chassis obstruct the installation, necessitating their permanent removal, which will result in the warranty being voided. Additionally, the antennas must be relocated, and the storage should be insulated using a non-conductive foil.

Users have successfully installed WD 4TB SN850X storage and Crucial P3 Plus 4TB (CT4000P3PSSD8) in the ROG Ally, and these additions have been reported to function flawlessly. Despite the initial news being shared two weeks ago, there have been no indications of overheating or performance-related issues thus far.

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While we do not encourage modifying expensive hardware, if the loss of warranty is not a concern and someone possesses experience with handling drilling and delicate electronic components, this modification might be relatively straightforward to perform. However, it is advisable to document the process through filming for educational purposes.

Via Reddit