ASUS ROG Ally Now Supports 32GB LPDDR5X-7500 Memory Via New Mod

A recently emerged mod enables the installation of larger and faster RAM on ASUS ROG Ally. Undertaking this complex mod without the right equipment is not recommended, as it voids the warranty. However, for gamers and enthusiasts seeking to enhance the default 16 GB memory, professional services like those offered by SlickBuys Mods and Repairs may be a viable option.


Modifying memory on graphics cards and handheld devices is generally a straightforward procedure. While certain graphics cards may inherently support greater capacity, they might necessitate physical modifications, and other devices may require BIOS adjustments. SlickBuys’ modification on the ROG Ally not only doubles the capacity but also boosts memory speed from 6400 MT/s to 7500 MT/s, constituting an upgrade from LPDDR5 to LPDDR5X memory.

The ROG Ally features four memory modules that must be removed and exchanged. Subsequent to this process, it is essential to extract and reprogram the BIOS chip to accommodate the enhanced capacity and speed. Neglecting this step may lead to unforeseen issues for users or a performance level lower than anticipated.


This modification replaces the original Samsung (K3LKBKB0BM-MGCP) 16GB LPDDR5 memory in a 4x4GB (32Gb) configuration with Samsung’s LPDDR5X memory, now in a 4x8GB (64Gb) configuration and operating at speeds of 7500 MT/s. The new memory chips, identified as K3KL9L90CM-MGCT, maintain identical thermal and voltage settings as the LPDDR5 memory, ensuring compatibility for this modification to function effectively.

In practice, this implies a 17% boost in system memory speed, undoubtedly influencing gaming performance. The AMD Phoenix integrated RDNA3 graphics rely on the internal system memory, which is why Lenovo’s Legion GO is already outfitted with such memory, albeit with a restricted capacity of 16GB. Regrettably, there are no showcased tests comparing performance before and after this modification.


Currently, there are no Ryzen Z1 systems with 32GB memory available in the market. Users seeking to upgrade the memory of their portable systems will need to explore options such as services offered by SlickBuys or consider alternatives. These alternatives may include Ryzen 7040U-based Chinese handheld systems like those from AYANEO, OneXPlayer, etc., which might offer the desired 32GB memory configuration.

The recently announced AYANEO Slide is the latest system featuring 32GB and even 64GB memory options. However, it comes at a higher cost, starting at $959/$1299 respectively, compared to the current price of ROG Ally at $399.