ASUS RTX 4090 ROG Matrix GPU Flagship Card With 2.67 GHz boost And Liquid Metal Launches For $3200

ASUS had abstained from unveiling a ROG Matrix GPU since the RTX 2080 Ti, leaving enthusiasts wondering if the anticipation was justified. However, with a price tag of $3,200, the RTX 4090 ROG MATRIX now reigns as the priciest offering within the AD102 GeForce series, essentially doubling the official $1,599 MSRP for the RTX 4090.


At this premium price point, buyers can enjoy a range of notable features. Most notably, it boasts the highest GPU clock speed among all RTX 4090 variants. It showcases an exclusive cooling solution, comprising a triple-fan radiator equipped with a liquid cooler, a substantial vapor chamber, and a custom pump that surpasses the ROG STRIX LC models in size. Furthermore, this ASUS graphics card marks a noteworthy achievement as the company’s maiden foray into incorporating liquid metal technology.

The GPU clock has been dialed up impressively to 2670 MHz, reflecting a 6% increase over NVIDIA’s reference specifications. According to reviewers, the card initially operates at a 500W TGP (Total Graphics Power) by default, but it can be adjusted to reach up to 600W, in line with the capacity of the 16-pin power connector. However, unlike some other solutions like the GALAX HOF, which utilize two connectors, the ROG Matrix has limitations in terms of power consumption.


Additionally, this card provides users with two BIOS options: Performance and Silent mode. The default Performance setting, while delivering impressive power, might not deliver the quietest operation when compared to other RTX 4090 cards. A common drawback with many liquid-cooled models is the inability to control the pump, which runs continuously regardless of the workload, even when the fans are turned off during lighter loads. This model is subject to this particular inconvenience.

Significantly, ASUS has crafted a unique edition of this graphics card, personally autographed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. This exclusive card will be made available for auction to support charitable causes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Therefore, potential buyers not only have the chance to own the fastest and most costly RTX 4090 model but also the opportunity to bid on a card bearing Jensen Huang’s signature, further elevating its collectible worth.


Source & Images:TechPowerUP, Overclock3D