ASUS To Launch Its Flagship ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 GPU On September 19

ASUS had been building anticipation for the ROG Matrix graphics card for several months. While they officially revealed the card in May this year, they didn’t specify a release date, only confirming it for a Q3 launch. It appears that they are keeping their promise, as the card is now scheduled to be available on September 19.

The ROG Matrix has been sent to accomplished overclockers who have successfully set new world records, thanks to the card’s exceptional binning process and improved power delivery system. This specialized model features a sizable 360mm radiator tailored for liquid cooling, along with a custom coldplate that securely fastens to the GPU die, VRM section, and memory chips.


Unlike most GPUs, the ROG Matrix utilizes liquid metal instead of conventional thermal paste, resulting in improved thermal conductivity. However, since most GPUs lack an integrated heat spreader (IHS), preventing the liquid metal from touching other components presents a complex challenge. ASUS has devised an application technique that reportedly enables vertical GPU installation. To accomplish this, ASUS applies UV-resin around the GPU die, especially in the vicinity of capacitors. Additionally, two protective layers have been integrated between the die and the card’s PCB to ensure that no liquid metal spillage occurs.

The RTX 4090 ROG Matrix played a crucial role in setting a new GPU frequency world record, hitting an impressive 4230 MHz in GPUPI. However, achieving this milestone involved disassembling the advanced cooler and using liquid nitrogen.

Regarding pricing, information for the RTX 4090 ROG Matrix is still pending and will be disclosed in the upcoming announcement. The launch event will be livestreamed and is slated for September 19 at 9:00 AM New York time and 9:00 PM Taipei time.