ASUS To Launch ROG MJOLNIR Power Station For Gamers

ASUS is poised to cater to the gaming community’s desire for outdoor experiences with its newest reveal. The company has announced that the ROG Mjolnir, a gaming-focused power station, will debut at this year’s Computex event.


The Mjolnir includes four power outlets, along with two USB Type-A and two USB Type-C power connectors. Drawing from Norse mythology, notably Thor’s iconic hammer, its design echoes the aesthetics of Mjölnir. It will complement other products inspired by this mythology, such as the ROG Thor power supply series. ASUS hasn’t revealed the specific capacity options for the Mjolnir series yet. Notably, the handle seems to serve as an extra torch or light source.

ASUS is preparing to debut the Mjolnir during Computex 2024, set to kick off on June 4th. Although ASUS hasn’t officially confirmed any press events for the Taiwanese expo, it seems to be just a formality considering the imminent release of several laptop and desktop-related products.

Source: ASUS