ASUS Unveils GeForce RTX 4070 And 4060 “TX Gaming” Series

ASUS has unveiled GeForce RTX 4070 and 4060 “TX Gaming” series in China. A quick look at the new design might evoke a feeling of familiarity, and there’s a simple reason behind it. The TX series doesn’t introduce an entirely new idea; instead, it builds upon the established ATS (ATS Shark/Megalodon) series, featuring a unique and darker color scheme. ASUS has chosen a different blend of white and teal, creating a cohesive look across products in these series.

IMG 7043

ASUS has recently introduced a trio of models that share the same design features and cooling mechanisms. These GPUs measure 317 mm in length, 136 mm in width, and 54 mm in height, featuring a configuration with three fans. Undoubtedly, these graphics cards are quite sizable, especially when you consider that they are included in the RTX 4060 lineup, which maintains a modest 115W TDP.

Though translating Chinese GPU names may not always produce perfect outcomes, the term “Tianxuan” might be interpreted as “Heavenly Selection” or “Divine Choice.” However, to ensure clarity for our Chinese audience, sticking with the ‘TX’ branding seems to be a more practical decision.

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Curiously, each of the cards is prominently marked as an OC (overclocked) edition. However, the precise clock speeds for individual models are not revealed across different platforms, including online retailers and ASUS’s official product pages. It’s quite likely that the RTX 4070 TX variant will retain the clock speeds seen in the ATS series, although there is currently no official confirmation to validate this.

All three cards are now available to buy in China, with the RTX 4060 priced at 2789 RMB, the RTX 4060 Ti at 3789 RMB, and the RTX 4070 at 5289 RMB.

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Source & Images credit: Videocardz